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Full-service video production and photography in Portland, OR.
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Our Team

Tyler Bertram

Tyler has a camera and unique perspective with him everywhere he goes. You’ll probably catch him making dumb jokes or pushing his car around in neutral.


Darren Hartman

Darren was born at the tender age of zero. He spent his formative years in the state of New Jersey, but quickly headed west after realizing that pretty much every other state in America was better than New Jersey.


Alexei Shishkin

Alexei likes staying up late, listening to Pavement, and editing videos, sometimes opting to do all of those things at the same time. He probably drinks more coffee than he should, but that’s okay.

Our Philosophy

Although pre-production can often be overlooked, we consider the preparation to be the most important part of the process. By considering all the variables and coming at a project with multiple concepts in mind, we’ve started creating a great final product before we’ve even hit record. Our aim is to never say, “We’ll fix it in post.”


It’s important for any successful production to run like a well-oiled machine. Since all of the elements are intertwined, communication is key. And that’s not just literal communication — the way the various pieces of the production interact with each other is just as important. When a detailed approach to lighting, camera work, audio recording, and direction of on-screen talent partner with a clear, comprehensive vision, the resulting piece will always be a success.


Post-production is where everything finally comes together. The most subtle difference can have a massive impact on a piece. Every frame counts. And editing isn’t the only component — there’s color grading, graphics, audio mixing, encoding… basically a bunch of things the viewer never thinks about, but elements that greatly influence how the viewer feels when they see the final product. Whether it’s a web series, a commercial, a feature length film — the post-production process is paramount.

Our Clients